Lynda completed a Fine Arts program and studied graphic design in British Columbia with professors Maria Gabankova and Mirko Jakobow. She also studied in multimedia technology, English literature and translation at McGill University. Lynda lives in Montreal and held positions as a a web project manager and designer. She also worked as a desktop publisher and led children's art workshops for the Faculté Saint-Jean in Alberta. Lynda has been a full-time artist for the past two years. Her works of art are part of private collections in Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, the United States and Europe.

"My artistic process consists in slowing down, grasping, scrutinizing, analyzing, absorbing, deconstructing and rebuilding reality in order to better express its complexity. Inspired by urban life, nature and universal emotions, I mainly use acrylic paint and ink on canvas, wood panels and paper. The tints, tones and shades obtained by mixing primary colours translate my poetic vision of the world. The use of geometric forms is part of my symbolic expression of life's abstract dimensions."